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Bowel Management for the Stroke Survivor Living at Home

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Bowel Management for the Stroke Survivor Living at Home


Marilin Bass

Marilin Bass, RN, MSN, CRRN

Marilin Bass is a Registered Nurse, with a Master’s Degree in nursing education. She is also a Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse, who provided nursing care for stroke survivors in a rehabilitation hospital for 30 years. Besides, she worked as a Clinical Nurse Leader and Educator for a long-term care rehabilitation nursing facility for two years. She is also a Certified Health Coach.


Bowel problems are common after stroke. Some survivors and their families received some training in a rehabilitation setting, but others have not. Many caregivers at home are lacking in knowledge and how to create a plan of care for managing bowel problems of the stroke survivor.

This course will help caregivers or family members caring for a stroke survivor living at home become knowledgeable about bowel problems and how they can best be managed. You will be able to create an effective bowel management plan for the stroke survivor living at home. This course can also benefit individuals who are experiencing bowel incontinence or constipation.

This is a crucial part of a stroke survivor's recovery. Bowel problems, left unresolved, no doubt, will result in anxiety, frustration, and lack of motivation.

Having worked as a beside rehabilitation nurse for 30 years, I testify that strategies, such as bowel retraining, exercise, diet, and medication are helpful in managing bowel problems after stroke. You will find all of this in my course.

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