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Waterproof,USB Travel Cordless Man Electric Razor Shaving Facial With Trimmer

Waterproof,USB Travel Cordless Man Electric Razor Shaving Facial With Trimmer



  • 💈【Close to Shave, Clean and Gentle】With the electric razor for men, you can give yourself a clean close shave anytime of the day or night. Floating veneer system, easy to face different corners of the face to shave, all-round clean facial residue, deep shave, clean and gentle. Also, the electric razor can protect your skin by adjusting to the contours of your face. The shavers for men allow you to shave whenever you want. No more waiting until after a long day at work to shave off your stubble.
  • 💈【Dry/Wet Shaving, Smooth and Comfortable】The shavers for men equipped with wet/dry technology, experience the convenience of shaving dry or with gel or foam for extra skin comfort. Smooth blade and has no thorn edges, bringing a clean and comfortable experience. 5W high power of electric razor, strong power, durable and easy to use. Electric razor for men, however, make daily shaving easier.
  • 💈【USB Charging, LED Display 】The electric razor for men takes about 2 hours to fully charge, and the battery life is 90 minutes. Long battery life and durable. The shavers for men supports plug and shave, very easy and convenient. This electric razor has a USB charging system, you can keep it charged anywhere you have a USB portal (like the car, computer, wall cube, etc), guaranteeing an energy efficient shaving experience. The LED display screen is a bonus.
  • 💈【IPX7 Waterproof, Easy to Clean】 Entire electric razor for men is waterproof rated IPX7, support whole body wash, easy and convenient. The shavers for men head assembly opens as soon as it is touched, so that the head, storage bin, and body can be directly washed underwater. Note: The hair residue will become powder after shaving. Frequently clean the hair residue to prevent leakage. If the electric razor is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the use effect and the life of the shaver.
  • 💈【Built-in Precision Trimmer, No Nicks】This electric razor for men is both efficient and comfortable in that its hypo-allergenic blades glide through hair smoothly. Make it incredibly easy to shave without irritating skin. This electric razor won’t cause cuts, nicks, or razor burns. And shavers for men with built-in precision trimmers, you can create a perfect stubble look or easily shave every last hair on your face and neck. It is the best gift for family and partners.
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