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Wheelchair Seat Belt Restraint Adjustable

Wheelchair Seat Belt Restraint Adjustable



1.【Protective function】: Wheelchair seat belts are specially designed for people who need seat belts on wheelchairs, especially on slopes, which can reduce injuries when people fall. It provides better care to prevent elderly or disabled people from sliding during driving. It is the first choice among nurses, home care and nursing home staff.
2.【Soft cushion belt】: Our wheelchair seat belt fastening device combines comfort and convenience. The wheelchair fixing belt is made of nylon fabric and sandwich-structure mesh fabric and built-in pearl cotton, which makes the product softer and makes the patient feel comfortable and skin-friendly while preventing the patient's skin from being excessively rubbed during the movement.
3.【Convenient and fast】: With a simple buckle, Our wheelchair fixing belt can be quickly adjusted to an appropriate size. Patients with mobility impairments can operate by themselves without the help of family members for making themselves more decent.
4.【Target users】: People with cramps, epilepsy, paraplegia, Muscle atrophy, Parkinson's, disabled people or people who easily fall from a wheelchair.
5.【Our service】: We have made products to reward customers for their support. If you have any questions during the shopping process, you can contact us and we will do our best to solve it for you.

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