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Health Coach

A 50/50 partnership between coach and client

Stroke is a very devastating disease affecting a significant number of individuals per year, resulting in disability and death. There is no need to suffer when 80% of strokes can be prevented. This is where coaching comes in.

Under my coaching, you will be provided support and guidance in developing a plan that would help you to achieve your health goals, whether the focus is on stroke prevention or preventing a second stroke.

The following will be provided:


Bi-monthly 45-60 minutes sessions.


How to make the best of of your physician visit. How to prepare before the visit and what questions to ask during the visit.


Brief statement of main points discussed, sent via email after each coaching session.


Support groups, dietary, exercise and other sources as needed.


Weekly emails to see how things  are going. Unlimited emails from client.

The benefits of

Partnering with Me

Work with a Certified Health Coach

Work with a professional nursing educator

Work with a Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse with 30 years bedside experience with stroke survivors.

Have access to great resources from reputable sources to guide you in making healthy decisions in order to bring about desired or needed changes

15 min coach
Free Consultation

Why Choose Me?

During my 30 years of providing nursing care to stroke patients during rehabilitation, I have taught and coached patients enabling them to achieve their goals. I have seen the devastating effects of stroke on individuals and their families. ​

Are you ready to start feeling better than ever?

Schedule a free 15 min consultation with me today!

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We can't wait to hear from you!

Marilin Bass, RN, MSN, CRRN

Coach, Instructor, Mother, Grandma

  • I am a great listener, very patient and compassionate, and empathetic.

  • Having these strengths allowed me to learn a lot about my patient’s needs,  the needs of the family, and the goals they wanted to achieve.

  • Putting myself in their shoes allowed me not to be judgemental, but supportive instead.

  • This then allowed for a plan that took their goals into consideration. We were a team.

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